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Web development

I develop for the web from front to back. My main expertise lies in front-end development. I'm a skilled HTML, CSS and Javascript developer. I am also capable of developing on the server side, using Node.js, PHP or C# ASP.NET. Last but not least I like to be involved in the design/UX process of a web application.


I'm a Javascript enthusiast. It's the language that got me hooked on programming and is very important for the web. From designing a Javascript application architecture to implementing a new framework like React or Angular, I can do it. I'm a big advocate of functional programming practices in Javascript and in love with ReactiveX.


I find constantly learning new things manditory for being a successful developer. If I need to learn some framework, language or method, I am eager and capable to learn it fast. This makes me flexible in finding new solutions.


  • De Sushimeisjes

    De Sushimeisjes

    De Sushimeisjes (the Sushigirls) is a webshop based on Wordpress I developed. It features a clean, responsive design.

  • We code the web

    We code the web

    We code the web is a blog about front-end development, where I share my experiences and insights about web development.

  • CareHR


    CareHR is a dutch company offering professional human resource advice in the health care sector. I made this clean and responsive informative website for CareHR.

  • Audiotour Delft

    Audiotour Delft

    An audiotour through the city of Delft implemented with PHP. Implemented iDeal payment and the distribution of access keys for the tour.

  • Libsizes


    A web app with Node.js and React that calculates the sizes of Javascript libraries using Webpack. It runs on Heroku and is continuously deployed with Travis CI.

  • Timiks


    A Rubik's cube timer for speedsolvers, created using React, redux and styled-components. Optimized for adding to the homescreen of a phone as an app.

  • NPM libraries

    NPM libraries

    I published some Javascript libraries on npm. Click the link to check them out.



My name is Niels Gerritsen, I am a software developer from The Netherlands. I specialize in front-end development, using modern frameworks and tooling like React, Angular, RxJS, Webpack and SASS.

I graduated with Industrial Product Design at The Hague University, but during my study I already I did a lot of web development in my spare time. After my graduation I started working as a software developer gaining a lot of experience in front- and back-end development.

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